An Urban Dinner

Joining Becky Wallace on her creative endeavour of gathering people together over a beautiful table has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of my summer. Last Friday, we enjoyed an incredible candlelit dinner prepared by Kim Steele on the back patio of East Coast Bistro. It was the perfect way to end the warm month of September. Becky has an extraordinary eye for design and her ability to execute her creative visions is flawless. It is so much fun for me to photograph these beautiful gatherings and watch her buzz around as she sets everything up.

East Coast Bistro. Saint John, NB

I'll leave you with an excerpt from Becky's blog where she wrote about her creative process and the collaborative aspect of her endeavour with Kim. You can read her thoughts in their entirety and see the photos she took on her website here!

"For me, bringing an experience like this to life evolves over many weeks, and takes a lot of fine tuning. My initial inspiration was stunning fall dahlias and the beautiful dark blue linen napkins my mother had sewn for me. From there, I scavenged around and came up with brass accents (all collected from my mother and mother-in-law). I wandered through Fabricville, hunting for the perfect piece to cover the table, invested in some dark sheepskins to add a moody autumn feel, and could not resist throwing in some incredibly tall black tapered candles."

Coffee Ritual: Pour-Over coffee & Sugar-Free Apple Pie

My good friends over at Rogue Coffee have given me some creative assignments using some of the merchandise that you can purchase at their darling little coffee shop. I decided to pair pour-over coffee and apple pie because... Autumn!

We've been enjoying Apple Pie for breakfast this week- compliments of Michael's mum. Kim makes a killer pie crust and at his request she made this one sugar-free. I find that the sweetness of the apples is enough to enjoy the true flavour. Combine the natural apple sweetness with a flaky, buttery crust and a fresh cup of pour-over coffee and I am in absolute Gezellig heaven! I have never been much of a baker (mostly because I enjoy savoury more than I do sweet) but I think I may take a hand at exploring baking and making some treats... and photographing them, of course! Does anyone have some good recipes that they'd like to share? Feel free to leave your favourites in the comments below.

A Moroccan Inspired Supper

This afternoon supper orchestrated by Becky Wallace was a delight! Thanks to Nela of Nela's Kitchen, we ate a delicious Moroccan inspired stew over a small table full of pretty vines and limes sitting on comfy poofs in the beautiful store and showroom at Mae + Marrow. I met some lovely ladies for the first time as we gathered over food and shared our thoughts about the significance of making time to sit down and share meals together-- with old friends and new. I hope this inspires you to make time to gather with some people who inspire you.

oh! gezellig, eh?

Gezellig (heh-sell-ick) : "a dutch adjective for convivial, cozy or nice atmosphere, but also a belonging, general togetherness, or time spent with loved ones..."

Growing up, I heard this word a lot! My mum is Dutch, and it is a very common word used in Holland to describe all things cozy and wonderful. But cozy doesn't quite cover it. Gezellig is more of a lifestyle the encompasses beauty in simplicity, tradition and the people you share it with. When all the family is together, my mom will say, "Oh isn't this just so gezellig!" She'll say it when we get up early and enjoy a cup of tea outside on a cool summer morning while everything is still and quiet. It's also a very gezellig thing to have coffee time every day around 10am... this is a long standing tradition that I try to keep up myself.

I first met Becky Wallace (the voice and creative mind behind "Thinking Out Loud") back in May when I photographed her for her blog. Acquaintance blossomed into a friendship and creative partnership through the sharing of thoughts and ideas over a mutual love and appreciation of everything lovely. Months later, we've dreamed up so many fun ideas for shoots that combine our love of food, flowers and togetherness-- all things Gezellig.

So, on a very windy New Brunswick Day, we went to Black River where we hiked, ate, drank and were merry. The best thing about this day was that it wasn't limited to just creating moments and then documenting them, but rather living wholeheartedly in moments that were full of relaxation, deep belly laughs and genuine togetherness. Cheers to the little things in life! I hope you enjoy this very first post of what will hopefully be many more gezellig days to come.