Wedding / Amy & Justin

"Sorry, I just had to speak with the plumber. We finally got our mess of a toilet fixed- thanks for waiting!" I think that's pretty much how my first conversation with Amy went over the phone. It's that kind of down-to-earth ease Amy and Justin posses that could make any stranger feel welcome into their lives. Their openness and welcoming spirit extended beyond themselves to their family and friends and created some wonderful heartfelt moments for me to capture. I'll let the pictures tell the rest!

Katie Woodhouse

On a post-blizzard day like today, going through these photos was so refreshing and it renewed my hopes for Spring and warmer days. All of this snow can make me forget about how beautiful summers here in New Brunswick really are. Katie now lives in Montreal, but last summer I was able to spend a lovely afternoon picking tons of wild lupins with her here in Saint John. It's always a pleasure photographing creative individuals such as Katie. I hope you enjoy looking through these bright, warm and sunny photos as much as I did.

Wedding / Emma & Derek

Emma and Derek's wedding in Grand Barachois was the last wedding of 2014 for me. I couldn't have spent the day with a more fun-loving bunch of people who truly welcomed me into their lives for the day. I could have spent hours alone with them taking photos on the beach. It was a gorgeous backdrop for them as they were windswept and held each-other close. Love makes beautiful photos, every time. Thank you Emma and Derek. Enjoy!

Wedding / Kara & Andrew

Kara and Andrew planned their wedding in true Uptown Saint John style. At any point in time, I had a great view of the port while I spent the day walking the brick-lined streets with them. Their celebration continued through the night at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal with beautiful twinkly lights, shiny sequins and crystal chandeliers.. a real visual treat. As I listened to speeches, I was laughing in stitches and tears. No doubt these two are surrounded with unconditional love from their family and friends all around.