NIENKE (ning-ka)

I am a photographer hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who has journeyed to Atlantic Canada and I now call Saint John, New Brunswick my home. 

I daydream a bit too much at times and go bananas over cool shadows. I constantly think about the light. Travelling is an essential part of my life and has largely shaped who I am.

I didn't always know that I wanted to be a photographer until I found that it satisfied my love of story-telling and I was able to form wonderful bonds with total strangers. I am thrilled when people appreciate the way I see the world and want to give me the creative freedom to portray their lives through my lens.


FEBRUARY 18, 1983

... the date my parents got married. This is one of the only photographs that exists from their wedding day. Most of the film was ruined in the developing process and the photographer wasn’t able to salvage the negatives.

I am so thankful for this small print. Because of this photo, I know that my mom was thinking about pinning baby’s breath in her hair while she was getting ready. I know that she wore a modest off-white dress, nothing flashy, and decided to paint her nails a bold red. When I look at this moment, I see her likeness in me and somehow it makes me feel like I was there. There were probably many more moments like these, but sadly the photos don’t exist. 

This is why I love photographing weddings.