Frequently asked questions



Wedding photo Delivery: the what, where, & when

You can expect your wedding photos to be delivered about 8-10 weeks after your wedding date. If you live close by, I'll drop them off. If you live far away, I'll send it in the mail with a tracking code so you can keep tabs on your parcel.

In addition to editing your photos I customize and assemble each box-- it's my favourite part!

what should i wear?

If you feel your best in your stained lucky t-shirt or holey sweater-- wear it. If you want to wear heels on top of a mountain, DO IT (but maybe hike in boots first). The point is, please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable in your own skin. I cannot emphasize this enough. Most people (including myself) don't feel very much at ease while having their photo taken. I'll do my very best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera but you'll be one step ahead if you're wearing something that makes you feel confident and totally like yourself. This will make you appear more natural and relaxed in your photos. I've got a couple of tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you out in case you're feeling really camera shy.


OH no! I lost all of my wedding photos...

Ugh, I am so sorry. This can be devastating and most of us have been there-- Back up, back up! I back up and archive your wedding photos for one year and then I have to let most of them go because they take up mucho, mucho space. If you lose your photos within a year of your wedding, just shoot me a message and I'll send them to you again for a small fee.


I don't normally shoot with another photographer. However, I can make arrangements to hire a second-shooter, if it seems like a necessity.

What's the best time of day for taking photos?

I am partial to shooting around sunset and what's considered the "golden hour". It is all about the light! I'm cool with a bright sunny afternoon too, but it just might mean you'll get some photos with squinty eyes and hard shadows. Fog is my favourite, but I'll work with whatever lighting scenario we get.